• Masahisa Fukase,
    Ant from the series Color Approach, 1962 © Benrido Inc.

  • Masahisa Fukase, Untitled (six-eyed girl) from the series Color Approach, 1962 © Benrido Inc.

  • snow white from Yamamoto Masao: Birds Collotype Portfolio, published in 2020 © Benrido Inc.



Founded in 1887, Benrido is a long-standing printing and publishing company that preserves the 19th century French photographic printing process known as collotype. Benrido specializes in producing fine-art collotypes and reproductions of national cultural heritages and contemporary art, as well as off-set publications of Japanese art books, national cultural heritage catalogues and fine art catalogues. Benrido also produces high-definition digital archives of cultural heritage artworks.

Delta Stay is currently showcasing the collotype works of Masahisa Fukase from his series “Color Approach, 1962” and Masao Yamamotoʼs “Yamamoto Masao: Birds Collotype Portfolio” released in 2020.